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About Jersey Tipi

We go by the names Hannah and Cole but we have picked up some other names along the way such as Mr Ham and Scabby Cat...

Once upon a time, director Cole first stepped onto Australian soil where he began working for Sami Kata Tipis in Byron Bay. He was exposed to the world of Tipi events and learned how to set up and take down tipis. After this, Cole composed a plan to have a Tipi company of his own one day.

With Cole's experience and drive for Tipis and Hannah's degree in Graphic Design, we have built this brand that we adore beyond words because it brings people together and creates forever memories... And we love a good party!
Jersey Tipi aim to bring a diverse and unique approach to outdoor events on the island. We believe in the organic golden hue the tipis bring to events and given the landscape we’re lucky enough to live around, imagine the potential if you throw a Tipi event in there!

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